GMC provides family-friendly fun at the Dubai International Motor Show this weekend

  • ‘Sierra Challenge’ remote control car race open to all
  • Showcasing a classic 40-year old GMC Jimmy Desert Fox
  • State-of-the-art GMC GIF-maker provides fun for all ages

DUBAI – GMC is providing entertainment for all the family this weekend at the Dubai International Motor Show (14 – 18 November 2017) by offering visitors a number of exciting, interactive activities, including the chance to compete in a new ‘Sierra Challenge’ and to view a showpiece from GMC’s rich Middle Eastern history in the form of a 1979 original Jimmy Desert Fox.

A favorite with visitors, both young and old, the new ‘Sierra Challenge’ features remote control model cars, battling it out against each other over a circuit with a number of challenging terrains. Located outside the main hall, participants compete to win one of three electric, replica GMC Sierra cars for kids, during the Motor Show. All the while, a DJ pumps out the latest tunes while delivering a fast-paced race commentary from a special booth in the back of a full-size Sierra located in the middle of the circuit. 

One of the focal points on the GMC stand, the Jimmy Desert Fox appeals to older visitors and those with an interest in historical cars. Launched in 1977 in two-wheel and four-wheel drive models with hardtops, this special edition model forms part of GMC’s Middle East legacy, with its special equipment package including Buckskin color scheme across the body, five-band striping on the sides and hoods, chrome touches on the rims and tow hooks as well as a large grip, leather-wrapped custom sports steering wheel. Distinguished with a set of four side-mounted tie downs and dual high-intensity CIBIE lights, it was a classic example of vehicles built to suit the region, something that GMC continues to do to this day.

For those who aren’t lucky enough to walk away with one of the big prizes from the ‘Sierra Challenge’, then the GMC GIF-maker on the company’s stand ensures they can still go home with their own personal souvenir of the day. The attraction allows inquisitive visitors to mock up and print out a hi-res photo of their own journey in the Jimmy Desert Fox, including a trip through 1970s Deira.

All of these attractions complement GMC’s new product display at the show, which saw the premiere of GMC Desert Fox Middle East concept truck.